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A Parent Study on Raising Successful Kids!

A Parent Study on Raising Successful Kids! By Daniel Blanchard Parents, I really do not believe there is only one best way to raise our kids. However, since I also believe that all of us parents want to raise our kids to the best of their abilities, then it can't hurt to take a quick look at a recent study of what some successful parents do. Names that are easy to pronounce came up in the study. Why our children's names matter? Hmm... I'm not sure about this one, but I can tell you this; I have five successful kids of my own, and coincidentally, I think all of their names are easy to pronounce. However, now that I think about it, people do seem to botch my oldest daughter's name sometimes. The parenting study also says that a sharing of the responsibilities around the house by both mom and dad is extremely helpful in raising successful, happy kids. When both parents, mom, and dad, step in when they see something that needs to be done, whether it's bri

Do's and Don'ts When You Can't Afford Child Support Payments?

Do's and Don'ts When You Can't Afford Child Support Payments? By George N Anderson Child support and custody is a serious topic that can be complicated and exhausting for both the parties involved in it. Things can get rough when you can't afford child support and do not want to be separated from your child. If you find yourself in such a crisis, here is what you need to know. How long does the child support last? The law requires you to make child support payments until the following conditions occur: • Your child is no longer considered a minor and turns 18. This regulation is subject to change in case the child has special needs. • Your child joins the military. • Your child marries or registers a domestic partnership. • Your parental rights are terminated because of adoption or any other specific legal procedure. • Your child is emancipated or dies. Now, as you know about child support and how long it can last, here is what to do and what

How to Save Kids From the Dangerous Side of the Internet

How to Save Kids From the Dangerous Side of the Internet By Jason Fernandez Walter The internet has revolutionized the way we think and behave nowadays. Apart from keeping us connected with people who are poles apart, it provides us with a great source of information. To be honest, neither I nor my kids can imagine our lives without the Internet, but I was worried sick about how to save them from the dark side it holds. The commonly prevailing theft, pornography, and fake news on the Internet can be a hell of a lot more dangerous for your kids than you think. Some parents think engaging kids in outdoor play and banning the use of the internet for them is a solution. But, it's not! You can't save your kids from using the Internet as it is everywhere. If they don't use it at home, they will use it at school or at a friend's place. The only thing you can do is aware them with the negative aspects and increase their maturity in the following ways. 1. Place you

5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Child Off Gadgets

5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Child Off Gadgets By Angela Kidd   But it doesn't have to be this way. While technology has become a part of our lives, it's not too late to show our children that there are plenty of other ways to have fun other than being cooped up inside the house with a gadget. Here are 5 creative and effective ways to keep your child off gadgets: Set a good example Children, especially young ones, tend to copy what their parents or guardians do. If you're always on your phone, that's probably what sparked their curiosity in the first place. Set an example to them and embody what you teach - take some time off your phone, laptop, tablet or television each day and find alternative ways to have fun. Use this time to play with your children out in your backyard or take them to the park. If your children can see that you can have fun without gadgets, they'll believe they can, too. Note: If you must use a gadget, don't let the kid

5 Reasons to Start Strength Training With Your Kids Today

5 Reasons to Start Strength Training With Your Kids Today By Dave Bonollo    What is safer for children? Weight lifting or watching TV? Some might argue that watching TV is safer because the child isn't moving and risking injury. However, studies show that strength training, when done under qualified supervision and appropriately sized workout equipment, can provide immediate and long-term positive effects. Let's dive into the reasoning and assume that children engaging in strength training are doing so in a supervised environment with appropriately sized equipment. 1) Decrease the risk of injury while playing sports. Like the weekend warrior, if you take a child from doing relatively nothing to playing a sport where they put forth a real effort without the proper muscle development or coordination, the child will more than likely end up hurt. Strength training will help that child develop coordination and develop the growing muscles. Strength training could also en

Parenting Tip: - Encourage Your Child To Accept Criticism Positively

Parenting Tip: - Encourage Your Child To Accept Criticism Positively By Rupal Jain Encourage your child to accept Criticism positively:- "At every step, the child should be allowed to meet the real experience of life; the throne should never be plucked from his roses"- Ellen Key. In class, mathematics teacher wrote a table of 8 on the board:- 8*1=8 8*2=16 8*3=24 8*4=32 8*5=40 8*6=48 8*7=56 8*8=64 8*9=72 8*10=79 After she finished she found students laughing at her. She inquired the reason to which everyone collectively said that she wrote the table wrong. Its 8*10=80, not 79. Listening to this the teacher smiled and said I have purposely written the last line wrong to explain to you an important lesson in life. She explained, "I have written nine things right but sorry to say no one valued it. On the contrary, I made only one mistake and you all started laughing. That's life! She continued, "These are few advice for everyone"- a.

3 Refreshing BBQ Dishes Perfect For Spring Season

3 Refreshing BBQ Dishes Perfect For Spring Season By Adrian T. Cheng    Winter is over and spring is here - the perfect time to enjoy a barbecue out in your yard. The wind will still be cool and it's ideal to have nice, warm dishes that everyone in the family can enjoy. Make these refreshing BBQ dishes perfect for spring season and you'll want them all year round! Buttered Rosemary Radishes What you need: 1 kilogram radishes (2 cups of the greens reserved) 1 stick unsalted butter, softened 1 cup lightly packed mint 3 tablespoons heavy cream 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon finely chopped rosemary Sea salt Grilled bread of your choice, for serving Melt about 4 tablespoons of the butter in a pan over medium heat, stirring constantly, for 3 to 5 minutes or until browned. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely. Combine the browned butter with remaining butter, heavy cream, lemon juice, rosemary and sea salt. Place about 2 tablespoons of the mixt

10 Tips to Improve Your Child's Concentration and Focus

10 Tips to Improve Your Child's Concentration and Focus By Ramana Rolla Children in every family are very precious. Education is an integral part of their growing process. It is often proved that children with utmost focus and concentration succeed well at their academic front at the same time improving their intellects at the good extent too. At this outset, we bring you 10 valuable tips to improve your child's concentration and focus. 1. Diet: When we talk about child's growth, it is directly connected with their diet. Here, it is imperative to know that nutrition is the primary key in improving the child's concentration levels. Children eat better can focus well on their daily activities. Your child's cognitive functions are ruled through micronutrients such as copper, zinc, iron, selenium and Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Make it sure that your child's diet is rich with certain nutrients those can impart good concentration and focus. Children with the

Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Toddler?

Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Toddler? By S. Verma   It is natural to expect a few things from your kid, but most parents don't realize that when their expectations are crossing the limit. Well! There is a thin line between expectations and over expectations, maybe being a new parent you don't realize it, but you have to understand that a kid cannot be perfect all the time. According to experts, these days toddlers are bombarded with unrealistic expectations, which leads them stress. Sadly, parents often don't realize that they're expecting more than a kid's capacity. Here we have got you some baseless and unrealistic expectations that parent always does from their kids. 1. Always Be In A Good Mood We want our toddlers not to cry and be in a good mood all the time. Do you think it is possible? Of course not! When you as an adult is not able to be in a good mood throughout the day, then how can you expect it from a little toddler? Yes, it is irr

How to Look After Your Health and Fitness When Working From Home

How to Look After Your Health and Fitness When Working From Home By Leon Edward   Working from home might seem like an amazing opportunity to relax and take it easy. You can wake up later, you don't need to commute to work, and you can avoid to speaking to anyone you don't want to. But while all that might sound amazing, it can actually end up being  too much of a good thing . Going outdoors is actually rather crucial for vitamin D and fresh air. Speaking to people is good for our mental health. And not commuting might well mean only getting 1,000 steps a day. This can all cause  serious  damage to your health! So what can you do? Here are some tips that will make a big difference. Spend Time Outdoors One way or another, you NEED to spend time outdoors. A powerful tip is to go outdoors in the morning, as this will also help you to adjust your body clock to ensure better sleep. At the same time, going for long walks can also be useful. Try wearing a fitness

15 Things Kids Want From Their Parents

15 Things Kids Want From Their Parents By John E Laing   15 Things Kids Want from Their Parents Although they might seem like it, children aren't too complicated. There are very few things that they request of us in their first years; however, these requests are essential in helping them grow up to be kind, respectful additions to society. As parents, there are 15 main things that children will want from you as much as possible. If you can do your best to provide these things to the best of your ability, your child's future will be brighter than ever. Here are the top 15 things kids want from their parents: 1. A Good Goodnight Going to bed is so much better when parents spend some quality time with their children. Take time out of your day to tuck them in, sing them a song, or read them a bedtime story. If you don't have any books, you might consider making up a story yourself, or telling them about your childhood. Children are very receptive to paren

Ten Rules for Children to Be Educated About

Ten Rules for Children to Be Educated About By John E Laing    The ten rules for children to be educated about. 1. Showing Respect The topic of respect is a vast one; however, it is one of the most important things that children will learn in their young life. As a parent, it is essential that you explain and also show your children what it means to show respect, and how they will know when they are being respected themselves. Respect is an umbrella term that includes many things, including manners, kindness, and politeness. Of course, it is also essential that children understand that everyone deserves to be respected, no matter where they are from or how they look. 2. Authenticity Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to a parent and their child. Honesty can be a wonderful and valuable thing if it is genuinely practiced and never taken advantage of. Parents should remember that they, too, need to practice honesty with their children, so that they