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Parents Keep Going You're Doing Just Fine!

Life would be awesome if it was filled with people who only cheered us on and supported us and our efforts. Unfortunately, though, life isn't always so kind. Sadly, there are just as many, and maybe even more, hecklers and critics as there are cheerleaders out there when it comes to appraising our parenting skills. Parenting can be tough. Today's social media affects our parenting prowess. It influences the way people see us, as well as how we see them. Studies have shown that Facebook has increased a thing called 'social comparison.' This is not always good since social comparison sometimes increases our apprehension about ourselves and may lead to feelings that our lives lack something. On Facebook, it looks like most people out there are having more fun than we are. However, the truth is that we don't see the whole picture of their lives on Facebook. We only see the photos and posts that they want us to see... And guess which ones they want us to see? You're