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The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short!

I know just about every parent I meet is tired. I also know that my oldest daughter just turned 19 years old, and I'm wondering where the years went. And you're probably experiencing the same thing, aren't you? My daughter is now taller than me, so is her younger 16-year-old brother. They are visual reminders every day on how tall my children are getting and how short the years are. So, what makes the days so long for us parents? Well, right from the start, our newborn babies wake up every three hours crying because they want to eat, and then need a diaper change. This pattern of behavior is really hard on us new parents. We are always tired. Parenting is a 24-hour job. I have a daughter that is 19 years old, and I can honestly say that I've had 19 years of disrupted sleep. It's a never-ending job of supervising and worrying about my kids. The years are short because of the naturally high level of activity that comes with being a parent. When we are swamped, which w

The ten rules for children to be educated about.

  The ten rules for children to be educated about. 1. Showing Respect The topic of respect is a vast one; however, it is one of the most important things that children will learn in their young life. As a parent, it is essential that you explain and also show your children what it means to show respect, and how they will know when they are being respected themselves. Respect is an umbrella term that includes many things, including manners, kindness, and politeness. Of course, it is also essential that children understand that everyone deserves to be respected, no matter where they are from or how they look. 2. Authenticity Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to a parent and their child. Honesty can be a wonderful and valuable thing if it is genuinely practiced and never taken advantage of. Parents should remember that they, too, need to practice honesty with their children, so that they might encourage them to find value in telling the truth. Additionally, encouraging

15 Things Kids Want from Their Parents

  15 Things Kids Want from Their Parents Although they might seem like it, children aren't too complicated. There are very few things that they request of us in their first years; however, these requests are essential in helping them grow up to be kind, respectful additions to society. As parents, there are 15 main things that children will want from you as much as possible. If you can do your best to provide these things to the best of your ability, your child's future will be brighter than ever. Here are the top 15 things kids want from their parents: 1. A Good Goodnight Going to bed is so much better when parents spend some quality time with their children. Take time out of your day to tuck them in, sing them a song, or read them a bedtime story. If you don't have any books, you might consider making up a story yourself, or telling them about your childhood. Children are very receptive to parents who use their imaginations, too! 2. Affection Showing affection is one of t