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Tips for Dads with Teen Daughters

Tips for Dads with Teen Daughters As parents, your roles change over time and none may be more prominent than when your little girl grows into their teen years.  We’ve pulled together some tips to help dads navigate this transitional — and often tumultuous — time. Be Open-Minded Source:  All Pro Dad There has always been a significant gap between teens and parents. However, in this generation, the technology boom has magnified it. We are trying every day to keep up with the things they are being presented with outside the home. Make no assumptions that what beliefs you hold dear have automatically transferred to them because, chances are, you’ll wind up shocked to learn they haven’t. Be open-minded to the fact that your kid may have a different point of view and that it may be valid. Don’t Worry So Much About Little Stuff Like Humor Source: I think it’s hard-wired into our DNA that kids go through phases of thinking their parents are uncool and awkwar

22 Tips for Dads to Get Back in Shape

22 Tips for Dads to Get Back in Shape Staying in shape when you were younger and childless can feel like a lifetime ago.  Once you have a baby, your personal health tends to get knocked down a peg or two as you have a new number one priority in your life.  Mix that with sleep deprivation, stress, lack of free time, inconsistent schedules, always running late, caffeine, skipped breakfasts, quick and easy dinners…and you will likely not recognize the shape of the person in the mirror.  Getting back to your thinner and healthier weight may seem like a lost cause but with a few changes, you may be able to get into a routine that is relatively sustainable.  We have compiled a list of tips from sources around the web that should allow you to take the first steps to getting back on the right track. 1. Don’t let the little one take over your life. Source:  Good Men Project So many people lose themselves when their children are born. I love our little nugget, don’t get me wrong, but

20 Tips for Flying with Toddlers

20  Tips for Flying with Toddlers Taking a vacation that requires flying?  Traveling with toddlers can be extremely difficult and stressful at times.  Here are some tips on how to prepare and fly with your toddlers.  They will fall far short of guaranteeing a flight that is free of stress and a toddler meltdown but it should get you in the right direction. 1. Pick the right flight and time. ( Trips With Tykes ) Understand what time of day your toddler is the most cranky/needy.  Making an effort to avoid those times for flying could help avoid some of the difficulty.  In short, don’t pick a flight that sets you up for failure before you ever leave.  2. Select flights with fewer stops.  ( Half Pint Travel ) You might think that connecting flights gives your toddler the opportunity to run around the airport, but direct flights or routes with fewer stops is always the best option. Layovers only invite the risk of delays or missed connections, and getting on and of