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Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Toddler?

  It is natural to expect a few things from your kid, but most parents don't realize that when their expectations are crossing the limit. Well! There is a thin line between expectations and over expectations, maybe being a new parent you don't realize it, but you have to understand that a kid cannot be perfect all the time. According to experts, these days toddlers are bombarded with unrealistic expectations, which leads them stress. Sadly, parents often don't realize that they're expecting more than a kid's capacity. Here we have got you some baseless and unrealistic expectations that parent always does from their kids. 1. Always Be In A Good Mood We want our toddlers not to cry and be in a good mood all the time. Do you think it is possible? Of course not! When you as an adult is not able to be in a good mood throughout the day, then how can you expect it from a little toddler? Yes, it is irritating when kids become moody and cranky, but you have to understand tha

Teenage Behavior May Be a Cry for Help

When a person, of any age, is struggling with mental health issues they may prefer to keep it private, anticipating that it could be regarded as a sign of weakness, potentially threatening their future choices, friendships and quality of life. They may adopt a stiff upper lip, not wanting to disclose how vulnerable or fragile they're actually feeling. However, this approach rarely improves anything and bottling things up can sometimes cause problems to escalate. Until we're affected or lose someone close we rarely have any idea of the staggering statistics around mental health, stress and suicide. Every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide and it's still the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK! We've recently had some significant diary reminders; Grief Awareness Day, World Suicide Prevention Day, the anniversary of the Twin Towers, World Mental Health Day, all days that remind us of life's fragility and the importance of supporting each other. There