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Fatherhood: Creating Memories for Your Child

Fatherhood: Creating Memories for Your Child By Sean Buvala Question: 30 years from now, will your child have good memories of you or will those memories be of a distant or disconnected father? I do many radio interviews regarding my work with fatherhood programs. In one of my earliest interviews, the host talked to me about his how his 30-year-old son will often ask him about things that happened as the son grew up. The interesting part if this is that the dad does not recall these events happening. These are events that the son thinks were important. The host said to me, "I'm always surprised by what my son will say, because I don't even remember doing those things." Well, I was not surprised. Looking back on my own life and talking with many dads, I know that we are making memories for our kids every day. Your kids will remember things you did that you will not. The quick moments in the car, the surprise trips for ice cream and other small things can make memories