Family-Friendly Exercise Ideas to Get You Through the Pandemic


Family-Friendly Exercise Ideas to Get You Through the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has essentially put our lives on hold, and you are still spending more time indoors than usual. If boredom is setting in, exercise might be just what your family needs to shake things up. Below, find some tips for getting started.


Get Motivated

Unless everyone in your family is athletic, you’ll encounter different levels of motivation when starting an exercise routine together. These ideas can help get everyone inspired.


       Keep in mind that everyone in your family may want to exercise for different reasons.

       Choosing age-appropriate exercises will make it more fun for your kids.  

       Remember that leading by example can be a powerful motivator for children.

       Keeping your home organized and clutter-free can reduce anxiety and bring your family closer together.


Gear Up

Being motivated is sometimes all you need to start getting fit. However, it might help to invest in a few pieces of equipment to help reach your family’s fitness goals.


       Don’t underestimate the power of simple gear like resistance bands.

       If you’ve always wanted a home gym, splurge on gear for weight and strength training.

       Some exercise equipment can be dangerous for small children, so take precautions. 

       Use Nike coupons to help you save money on sports equipment and gear.


Get Moving

Whether you have gear or not, there are countless activities you can do to exercise together as a family. Here are a few of the best ways to get everyone involved.


       Yoga is a great exercise for teaching mindfulness and helping your kids focus.

       Exercise can also come in the form of games, scavenger hunts, or dance parties.

       You can do anything from CrossFit to Pilates by streaming free videos online.

       With pandemic restrictions loosening, walks, bike rides, and hikes are also options.


Exercise is crucial for your mental and physical health, but it’s sometimes hard to prioritize when you’re stuck at home. Trying new exercises as a family can bust the boredom while also providing the motivation you need to get moving again.


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